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About Us

We work as an advocate for businesses of all sizes to engage them in events with the community. The Chamber is privileged to serve as the Destination Marketing Organization for the Harris County area where we have the opportunity to both promote our tourism partners and local business as well as drive new visitors into our community. 


Meet The Team!

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Eric Seldon

Chariman of The Board


Vance Smith

President & CEO


Gloria Boyer

Tourism & Event Manager


Conner Olds

Operations Coordinator

The Board of Directors is the policy body of the Harris County Chamber of Commerce.  Its members represent a cross-section of the business and professional leadership in the community.  It has always been considered an honor to serve on the Board.  Genuine and unselfish interest in the Chamber and its objective is the first requirement for the Board members.

Board of Directors

Board of Directos


Our committees are the driving force behind our organization, bringing together diverse expertise and perspectives to tackle complex challenges and drive impactful change. With a dedicated focus on collaboration and innovation, our committees play a crucial role in shaping our initiatives and ensuring our mission is realized.


Membership Engagment

Our membership engagement committee fosters active participation and connections among members, enhancing satisfaction and promoting benifits.

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Diversity Equity 

& Inclusion

This committee is dedicated and focused on fostering a culture of inclusivity and equality within community of chamber members.

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This committee is dedicated to promoting and influencing legislative policies that align with our organization's mission and our members needs.

Judge Gavel




This committee focuses on enhancing job skills and opportunities through training and educational programs by generating connections between schools and employers.

School Library




Member Directory

A comprehensive and dynamic resource connecting businesses and professionals within our vibrant community, fostering collaboration, networking, and growth opportunities for all. Discover a diverse array of industries, expertise, and contacts, empowering you to thrive in today's competitive market.

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